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Lesotho Flag 7P8DX is an amateur radio station activated in Lesotho. It is a Dx-Pedition from South Africa that will activate this call sign from 5 to 12 April 2007. The station will operate SSB only on all bands from 80m to 10m, including WARC bands. Logs of contacts can be viewed on - 7P8DX. Please follow instruction below carefully for QSLing.
South African Flag



Road to MahlaselaMahlaselaOperating form the northern border of Lesotho in the highlands area, the station will be at Mahlasela Peak which is at 3250 meters above sea level, with the pass being below at 3222 m.a.s.l.

Grid locator KG41ie

GPS Coordinates S28 48 663 and E28 43 287

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Financial Support Needed

This Dx-Pedition is privately funded entirely. Although low budget, it is not cheap! It has become even more expensive due to the fact that 2 of the 5 operators had to drop out at the last minute which has raised the costs for the "surviving" operators. The Dx-Pedition will be travelling over 1600 km (1000 miles) each way and have already done the trip to do a recce. They will be using a motor vehicle towing a trailer which has all the equipment in it.

Financial support would be very much appreciated and will be processed via the bank account of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre (CTARC). Please email for bank details for electronic funds transfer.

Funds can be posted to 7P8DX Support; c/o CTARC, PO Box 2541, Clareinch, 7740, South Africa (each item on a new line).



ZS1FJ - BarryZS1RA - Shaun The oprators of the station are all from South Africa, live in Cape Town and are all members of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre. They are:
  • ZS1RA - Shaun Overmeyer (Coordinator)
  • ZS1FJ - Barry Fletcher
  • ZS1ABP - Tony Baard
  • Pilot in SA: ZS1AU - Dennis Wells

    Station Setup

  • Icom IC718
  • Icom 706 MkIIG
  • Icom IC740
  • Kenwood TS 50
  • Yaesu FT857
  • 2 X Kenwood TL 922
  • Alpha PA-77
    Antenna plan
  • Cushcraft A3S + 40m add-on Yagi
  • Cushcraft A3WS for WARC band Yagi
  • Hexbeam 5 band
  • Dipole 80m
  • Longwire
  • 2 X generators, deep cycle batteries, tents, bedding, food - total field station
  • IC-718


    QSL Cards & Logs

    QSL Card QSL cards have been printed and sent to about 250 contacts. QSL cards will only be sent in reply to those who send cards.

    Have we received your QSL Card? QSL Cards Received and Sent

    For logs on this site Click Here

    For logs on


    QSL directly. We will not be using a QSL manager or the Buro.

    NB! Please include an IRC or "Green Stamp" as this is a privately funded Dx-Pedition.

    QSL direct to:

    c/o The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre
    PO Box 2541
    South Africa

    For logs on



    You can e-mail us on:

    Postal address:
    7P8DX Dx-Pedition; c/o CTARC, P O Box 2541, Clareinch, 7740. South Africa



    Our sincere thanks go to ZS1ZL-Deon and ZS1ROY-James who assisted with the planning and recce. And to the two Paul's ZS1BR and ZR1PJA and ZS1TA-Tom for generous loans of equipment. We also wish to acknowledge ZS1CT the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre and ZS1OAK the Oakdale Amateur Radio Club for their equipment loans, support and assistance. We are also grateful to ZS1AU-Dennis our pilot and to DL5NAM-Chris for his support on and its Online Logs.


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