SA Flag ZS1PMH is an amateur radio station operated by me, Peter Henochsberg, from my QTH on a stud farm in the Dassenberg, Atlantis area approximately 50 km away from central Cape Town, South Africa. My grid locator is JF96gk and Lat is 33.5793S and Long is 18.5665E.

I qualified as a radio ham in November 2001 with a ZR restricted licence. In August 2005 I was received an unrestricted ZS licence.


QSL Cards

Please QSL via the South African Radio League (SARL) and QSL Bureau.

However, if you are in a hurry and enclose the cost of return mail, you can QSL directly to:
PO Box 179, Dassenberg, 7350, South Africa
(each part of the address to be on a new line).


Station Setup

ZS1PMH.jpg - 48437 Bytes     For HF I use a Yaesu FT-950 which I purchased 'new' off eBay. (If you wish to see why you should not deal with Martyn Allison of Radio-Mart on eBay, then click here .You will see one of a growing list of horror stories.) I am still learning how to use all its bells and whistles. It is a very nice rig. My first HF rig was an Icom IC-718 run through an Icom AT-180 tuning unit. This is an exceptional grade of entry rig and I still use it. I also have a Yaesu FT-7 with its matching FL-110 linear to bring it up to 100W output. For antennas I use a TH3 (20, 15, 10) on a 12m tower, a Windom (80 to 10) and a Butternut HF2V vertical (80 & 40). I also have a Yaesu FL-2100Z linear amp and a FC-102 antenna tuner.

    My main rigs for VHF are the Icom IC-2200H and the IC-V82 handie - both are fantastic little rigs. Usually I run a 2m rig into a home-brew Slim-Jim but I also have a 7 element Yagi for VHF work.

    For mobile work I have a dual-bander Icom IC-207.



I am a member of the following clubs and associations:
  • The South African Radio League - SARL - ZS6SRL
  • The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre - CTARC - ZS1CT



    I served as the secretary and treasurer of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre (CTARC - ZS1CT) from July 2002 to July 2010, when I stood down.

    Apart from the standard duties and functions required of club secretary, I have developed a membership database in MS Access that I hope will eventually be adopted as a standard for all clubs and associations in South Africa.

    I am the recipient of the Jack Twine Merit Award from the SARL for my service to the ham community.



    You can e-mail us on:

    Postal address:
    Peter Henochsberg (ZS1PMH), P O Box 179, Dassenberg, 7350. South Africa

    Cell phone:
    +2782 925 2298

    Local: 021-5720329
    International: (Code)+27215720329

    Please sign our e-QSO form
    and make your comments or suggestions.



    Here are some of our favourite and most useful links.

    • Pleiadian Projects cc    This is my own commercial web site. Apart from giving my commercial plug, it also contains a CV which will tell you a bit more about me.
    • SARL ZS6SRL - the SARL     The web site of the South African Radio League contains lots of useful information about amateur radio that will be of interest not only to South Africans, but internationally too. As this the the South African equivalent of the ARRL, I feel that all South African hams should become members of and support the SARL as it is the body that looks after our interests.
    • ZS1CT - the CTARC     My clubs home page. The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre has a web page that is full of useful information about out club. I am the webmaster. Check it out.
    • 7P8DX     A dx-pedition to Lesotho in April 2007 by my friends Shaun ZS1RA, Barry ZS1FJ and Tony ZS1APB. I was the webmaster.
    • ZS1ZL     Deon Erwin has an excellent web site which is full of useful information. Not only is he very knowledgeable about radio and antennas, but he is also the trouble shooter for RFI in Cape Town.
    • Spider Arachnophilia    Paul Lupus has designed one of the most fantastic Web Publishing tools available. What is more it is absolutely free! Paul believes in the concept of "CareWare" and the only payment he asks for is... well, see for yourself. You are truly an enlightened thinker, Paul.
    • The Hand-me-down PC    is an excellent book for learning about upgrading PCs and general trouble shooting.



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